Our products

The sorting process that takes places in our plant in Romania provides around 150-200 items or products that are available in 4-5 different qualities.

    This a a short review of our production process
  • We buy the clothes unsorted from verified suppliers from Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kindom
  • We sort the clothes in three separate selection stages
  • The clothes are then packed into plastic bags, big bags or pressed into bales
  • They are then ready to be shipped everywhere on the globe
  • The textiles processed by our can be grouped in the following main categories:

    • 1. European quality
    • 2. First export quality
    • 3. Second export quality
    • 4. Pakistan quality
    • 5. Rags
    For each of the mentioned categories except Rags we also have available shoes.

    Depending on the quality and the demands of our customers, the sorted clothes are packed into plastic bags or compressed into bales. These are then loaded into containers and shiped everywhere around the globe.

    According to the latest stats, over 75% of the global population has a demand for used clothing and textiles. Our company has always valued the needs of the customers and thus met their demands by supplying a large range of qualities and categories.

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